Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It's My Island

After visiting The Royal Academy's new contemporary show 'Earth', it was these simple images that lingered longest. The photographs form part of the work by Finnish artist Antti Laitinen.
He built the island by dragging 200 sand bags into the Baltic Sea over a three month period. Enduring harsh weather conditions and pushing himself to the limits. The scenes evoke fundamental issues of citizenship and identity, here one man's own micro-nation.
The island didn't survive for long as the storms blew and even though Laitinen made running repairs, the elements won over. All that is left are these beautiful images, serene and
Although the message is only loosely related to climate change, the meaning could stem from the notion that people would like to have their own island.. the ultimate ideal of personal space. Even if John Donne once wrote "No man is an island", it hasn't stopped him building one.
I know I want one...

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Looking out the Window

Sitting in the bay window of Sunny Cove Studios,
the heart of happenings, my mind drifts.
Led by the steely sounds and smokey synths of The XX,
winter fades and dreams unfold.

Designing the new Summer Range when it is snowy
outside is surreal yet great!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Fresh and Happy New Year

Boxing Day-

It felt the best way to get over the Christmas Mince Pie fest was to get some fresh air and stretch the legs. Leaving the overly hot lounge strewn with presents to clear the mind out in the open.

Although there wasn't much surf on, the south devon coast was blowy enough to clear the cob
webs and party haze away and to suck in the delights of bracing bays.

Even a small amount of time in the sea spray and blustery blue can inspire the mind to think
of taking on the world in the year ahead and doing all the great things that you always say you will. Just long enough until you realise your toes are numb and you're craving another mince pie..