Tuesday, 1 December 2009


"The act of giving back an old piece of recycled clothing so it can too again be recycled, in return for a helping hand towards another piece of recycled clothing".

For us sustainability seems too general a term , we want to focus the entire product life into a 360 degree process. With responsible thinking we can promote new methods of production and business models.

By working with Teijin's Eco Circle programme we are able to use a superior recycled polyester that can inturn be recycled back into raw polyester and reused into new products.
This process reduces energy consumption by 84% compared to the production of virgin fibre and cuts emissions by 77%, despite the additional impact of transport and shipping reclaimed material.

We do however reckon that our boardies are so well made and long lasting it'll be a while before we see our 'rizcycling' programme taking off. Oh well, best to be prepared eh?

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