Monday, 9 November 2009

Alive with Pleasure!

It's been fizzing around for a long while, this expression I love and once heard or saw somewhere on my travels one research trip years ago. It was a feeling I knew was right and perfect for a tag line.

As the concept of the brand grew, the tag line could only be one thing. It's a mood everyone can relate and yet can be different to everyone too. For me it conjures of old school vocab, tongue in cheek humor and a sense of untainted happiness. It's got gusto and it makes me smile.

On doing some further research however, it turns out it does already exist have a small cult following from the retro cigarette brand advertising of the 80's. Back in the day when smoking
was good for you.

It seems even more fitting that in our present world of advertising and social values it can be now be used for a new type of 'good for you'. Spark up a pair of Riz Board shorts, you'll feel 'Alive with Pleasure!'

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