Friday, 11 December 2009

A Proud Day

Captain's Log Stardate Year 1, day 300 and something. We received the first proto type on a heavy rainy English day to our studio (ironically named 'Sunny Cove Studios'). Taken on an ancient camera phone with our lucky ships cat trying to get a look in too. This is our first born, it was a proud day.

Birth of a Brand

Well, if you're reading this you've found yourself along side us at the beginning of a journey. This blog is about our journey, sharing our development and thoughts, a behind the scenes view of our way.

We hope this will become a place to escape, a slide to the beach. A place to share inspiring stories or products we like and places to see. Stop by, take off your shoes and dig your toes into the sand. Doesn't it feel good?

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


"The act of giving back an old piece of recycled clothing so it can too again be recycled, in return for a helping hand towards another piece of recycled clothing".

For us sustainability seems too general a term , we want to focus the entire product life into a 360 degree process. With responsible thinking we can promote new methods of production and business models.

By working with Teijin's Eco Circle programme we are able to use a superior recycled polyester that can inturn be recycled back into raw polyester and reused into new products.
This process reduces energy consumption by 84% compared to the production of virgin fibre and cuts emissions by 77%, despite the additional impact of transport and shipping reclaimed material.

We do however reckon that our boardies are so well made and long lasting it'll be a while before we see our 'rizcycling' programme taking off. Oh well, best to be prepared eh?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Our first Collaboration

Greg Heinimann is a successful book cover Illustrator and graphic designer. He is also a folk guitarist and modern day dandy. All these characteristics meld perfectly with us and enhance our own sensiblilities too. It has been great having Greg on board to carve and style the graphic identity into the brand from it's birth. We like his traditional approach and skill of drawing and type setting and the use of illustrations to story tell. We also love the updating of classic styles and menswear traditions with a contemporary take on it.

We look forward to where his pen is going to take us and hope this gentlemanly scroll will stroll for a long while more.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Alive with Pleasure!

It's been fizzing around for a long while, this expression I love and once heard or saw somewhere on my travels one research trip years ago. It was a feeling I knew was right and perfect for a tag line.

As the concept of the brand grew, the tag line could only be one thing. It's a mood everyone can relate and yet can be different to everyone too. For me it conjures of old school vocab, tongue in cheek humor and a sense of untainted happiness. It's got gusto and it makes me smile.

On doing some further research however, it turns out it does already exist have a small cult following from the retro cigarette brand advertising of the 80's. Back in the day when smoking
was good for you.

It seems even more fitting that in our present world of advertising and social values it can be now be used for a new type of 'good for you'. Spark up a pair of Riz Board shorts, you'll feel 'Alive with Pleasure!'

Saturday, 7 November 2009


In a challenging world of contradictions and an era confused by the past and future,
we look for meaning and we look for nothing. Style over substance is losing its shine
and shine is harder to see in a world clouded by ease.